Imagine this: You have an e-commerce business.  Comparing it with other competitors, you are offering the best prices and quality in the market. Also, you have followed all the laid out ways of attracting customers. These include obtaining backlinks, writing quality content, and incorporating sharing buttons.  Even with all these efforts, your sales are still stagnant. They are not improving at all. Now, you have heard about explainer videos.

Probably, you know that they have an impact on your conversion rates and search engine ranking.  But did you know that not all videos attract customers or lead to sharing? For you to increase your conversion rates here are some surefire tips for using your explainer videos:

a) Use explainer videos on your landing pages

Explainer Video & Animated Video for BusinessesYour landing pages are the first place your visitors will stop when they log on your site. Here it is the point where they will decide the next step they will take. As such, you need to create a great first impression that will influence your target customers.

At this point, you need a video to introduce your company to the visitor. Also, you should give slight information about your product. Since the purpose of this video is introduction; you do not need to give lengthy details about what you offer.

b) Upload product explainers explaining complex features

If you didn’t know, some potential customers might be overlooking your offers due to lack of clear information in your product descriptions. Even though they have some interest in them, they just ignore the offer.

For this reason, including a product animated explainer video in your product pages can be the turning point of your business. The explainers help to break down the complex information and pass relevant information within a short duration.

Hence, they fasten the customer process of purchase decisions. As such, to increase your conversion rates, you should upload explainers giving details of your offers complex feature in respective product pages.

c) Include a call to action

You product explainers may meet all relevant conditions of a quality video. They can be interesting, educative, and entertaining. However, if you do not include a call to action, do not expect the viewers to act.  In fact, your video may receive a thousand and one views. But if you do not tell the audience their next course of action, no conversion will take place.

As such, you should ask the viewers to make a purchase, share the video, or subscribe to your mailing list. Importantly, you can have a separate scene of the call to action. Note that the call to action should be the lasting thing. Starting with an action call will paint a different picture of your business.

d) Answer frequently asked questions

Best explainer videosCertainly, when you want to buy a given product, you have some questions you need answers before making a purchase.  Particularly, when you visit a given webpage, you need to know whether the offers presented are right for you or not. Like you, most people have the same questions.

In this essence, when creating your explainer videos, you need to focus on the frequent questions that the customers will have about your products. Where possible, you should present a real demonstration of how your product works in helping the audience to solve their problems.

As well, you need to give detailed information on the benefits simply and concisely.  All in all, your videos should offer answers to the most asked questions about your products for it to enhance your conversion rates.

In a word, explainer videos can enhance your conversion rates. However, you must follow the above tips to achieve that goal.

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